GALARDON MUSICAL is a color weekly Spanish language publication, covering music, celebrity interviews, nightlife and more. In addition, the magazine is a fundamental resource for people looking for anything and everything to do that involves community services, dining, events, shoping and live music.
GM speaks the international language, featuring the latest acts and hot artists of the moment and free classifieds. What’s more, our readers collect issues thus adding an expanded lifespan to an already popular magazine!

GM’s readers are shoppers, ready to spend and open minded. GM attracts readers whose primary language is -Spanish. On average our readers posses one, or more credit cards, with dominant spending on community services, food, entertainment, motor vehicles, travel, etc.

GM successfully blends common interests and dynamics unique to the Bay Area and North California and bridges Latino centric cultural divides, engaging an overlooked major market. GM’s readers are between 18 and 49 years old, with average household incomes of $54, 000 (higher than the national average). The magazine directs our readers where to find the best for their money.

Advertise with GM and see a better return on investment. GM is FREE and distributed in heavy Latino traffic locations throughout the Bay Area and North California. With a read throug rate of two or three people per magazine, our circulation reaches more than 150,000 readers per issue.

Word on the street: “I have to call and request a refill of the distribution rack two days after delivery, it goes fast!“ Armando - Los Dos Hermanos Restaurant.

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